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Our Friends Membership Programme is at the heart of the NZ Art Show’s success. Our Friends form the very foundation of the NZ Art Show, and they are the ones who truly make our mission come alive. Our Friends are dedicated art enthusiasts who champion artists and share a deep commitment to fostering a culturally vibrant society. The NZ Art Show has a legacy of 20 great years. Join us in becoming an integral part of the NZ Art Show community and help us continue to support and celebrate the thriving art scene in New Zealand. Fill out the form below.

As a member of our Friends Programme, you gain access to exclusive benefits, including our signature Gala Evening. This exciting event is not just an art party; it’s a vibrant celebration of creativity where you can network and have a blast with kindred spirits who share your passion for art and culture. It’s a night of unforgettable experiences that brings art aficionados together in a joyful and inspiring atmosphere.

In exciting news, the NZ Art Show was recently honored with the Vibrant Gold award at the Wellington Gold Awards. This recognition is particularly meaningful, as it was received in the presence of Wellington’s brightest minds and most successful businesses. This achievement not only reflects positively on the NZ Art Show but also on the entire NZ Artist community.


Thursday 30th May, 9 – 11am

Begin your NZ Art Show journey at the exclusive VIP preview, an intimate and relaxed gathering tailored for discerning art enthusiasts.
Be among the first to explore and purchase outstanding artworks while meeting the on-site artists showcasing their artworks created especially for this event.


Thursday 30th May, 6 – 9pm*

After the VIP preview, join us at the renowned Art Party of the Year! Savour fine wine, delicious canapés, and live music while having the chance to purchase more art if you wish.
The Gala Evening, art’s ultimate night out, is an art celebration like no other and promises a delightful and memorable experience enjoyed by all.
*Gold Sponsors receive exclusive Gala access at 5pm


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    The Gala Evening is a very glamourous event
    Fine wine at the Gala by Luna Estate wines.
    Live music at the Gala evening: The Yeabsley Brothers Trio
    Be amongst the first to view and purchase art


    BK Cunningham Trust


    We gratefully acknowledge all of the show’s Friends for their generous support and ongoing commitment to the show.


    Friends that have supported the NZ Art Show for 10 years or more

    • Nikki Chung – Platinum Friend
    • Dixon and Dunlop – Platinum Friend
    • Ann Cunninghame and John Mathews – Gold Friend
    • Nigel Elder – Gold Friend
    • Gaynor and Mike O’Sullivan – Gold Friend
    • Neil and Phillipa Paviour-Smith
    • Rosie Collins
    • Glenda West
    • Diana Duff-Staniland
    • Frances Russell
    • John and Deb Feast
    • Catherine and Alistair Cattanach
    • John Mowbray
    • Anne Stephenson
    • Karen Pullar
    • Charlton Family Trust
    • Lisa Owen and Dan Tohill
    • Julie Anne and Marty Scott
    • Jane and Kerry Hart
    • Damian and Samantha Hannah
    • Lisa Hansen

    PATRONS 2023

    Friends that have supported the NZ Art Show for 5 – 10 years

    • Ann Rees and Peter Johnstone – Corporate Friend
    • Wellington Airport – Corporate Friend
    • Excel Digital Print – Corporate Friend
    • Barrie and Anneke Thomas – Platinum Friend

    • Debbie Butler – Gold Friend
    • Patrick Sharp and Sharnita Singh – Gold Friend
    • Scott Rodgers – Gold Friend
    • Deborah Hume
    • Shirley Quayle
    • Anthony and Charlotte Dapas
    • Simon and Megan Lloyd-Evans
    • Joan Wells
    • Christian and Kim Gaylard
    • Steve and Josh Jordan-Law

    FRIENDS 2023

    • Lynne Sandri – Honorary Friend
    • Trevor McComish – Honorary Friend
    • William Calder – Corporate Friend
    • Pinkfit | Wellington – Corporate Friend
    • Moya Terris – Gold Friend
    • Claire Govier – Gold Friend
    • Jennifer Pole – Gold Friend
    • Amy and Chris Robinson – Gold Friend
    • Sarah Bracewell – Gold Friend
    • Katy Sweetman – Gold Friend
    • Shirley McLeod – Gold Friend
    • Marie Guerin – Gold Friend
    • Murray Carter – Gold Friend
    • Kenepuru Homes – Gold Friend
    • Reflective Construction Law – Gold Friend
    • Leah Campbell
    • Jo Neilson
    • Cameron Berry – Z3D
    • Katrina Jackson
    • Phoebe Fulton
    • Desley Ryan
    • Mark Adlam
    • Hamish and Lee McDonald
    • Linda Broome
    • Michelle Kitney
    • Dirk Winnie
    • Maija Jesperson
    • Wendy Lowe
    • Rick Spencer
    • Linden Eagles
    • Melanie Pearson
    • Antony and Carolyn Currington
    • Kristin Macfarlane
    • Kate Swale
    • Carolyn O’Kane
    • Bob Laloli
    • Lorna Ingram
    • Rosemary Cave
    • Carolyn Cochrane
    • Mulvey Kelly
    • Ewen Powell
    • Jennifer Courtenay
    • Annie Ward
    • Vinni Fernando and Scott Turner
    • Cornelius Porzig
    • Frances Ruddiman
    • Ruth Perry
    • Amy Marshall
    • Emma Thompson
    • Lisa Casagranda
    • Nikki Corbishley
    • Allen Maher
    • Don Service
    • Johanna Heinau
    • Daniel and Anita Woodgate
    • Amy Whiterod
    • Sarah Roan
    • Anji Foster
    • Meredith Fenwick
    • The Goodfellow Family
    • Leigh McDonald
    • Craig Pope
    • Kararaina Calcott-Cribb
    • Graeme Key
    • Anna Jacobi
    • Paula Lynch | Paula’s Home and Living
    • Larissa Paris
    • Aaron Titter
    • Heather Thorley
    • Lyn McMorran
    • Debra Shand
    • Vinni Fernando and Scott Turner
    • Karen Reid
    • Louise Marsden
    • Judi Robson
    • Chris Moore
    • Peter Leslie and Brenda Boughen
    • Angus Wilson
    • Guy and Lindsey Smith
    • Kevin Hastings
    • Don Service

    The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: