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Founded in 2004, The NZ Art Show has been held annually in Wellington, New Zealand. Our winning formula is a huge asset to NZ’s art loving community with a focus on NZ’s capital city as the location, renowned for its creative culture.

  • SINCE 2004:
  • $14.5M IN SALES
  • 23,000 ARTWORKS SOLD
  • 140,000 VISITORS
  • 4,000 EXHIBITORS
  • $130,000 IN AWARDS

Let us surprise and delight you and your guests

What we do

Provide a single platform for NZ artists to sell quality NZ art at affordable prices.

Our mission

To introduce people to the joy of owning original NZ art by making it accessible and affordable.

Our vision

For every New Zealander to own a piece of original NZ art.

Partner with us

Partnering with the NZ Art Show delivers a highly visible and cost-effective marketing tool for your business. The NZ Art Show promises a robust and engaging marketing campaign that reaches audiences far and wide.

Align your business with one of NZ’s favourite events and enjoy:

  • Networking with our extensive audience
  • Being entertained and hosted at Wellington’s most successful corporate event, the popular gala evening
  • Being associated with a creative and fun experience
  • Supporting a thriving arts community
  • Acknowledging the importance of art in our lives

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