Lower Hutt Sculptor Triumphs at the NZ Art Show, Securing Coveted $15,000 Prize

The NZ Art Show, a prestigious annual event showcasing New Zealand’s artistic prowess, is thrilled to announce a triumph for one talented sculptor. With esteemed artist and collector Lynne Sandri as the judge, the RT Nelson Awards for Sculptor awards ceremony bestowed a grand total of $20,000 in prizes, including the prestigious $15,000 premier prize for outstanding creative talent and craftsmanship. Additionally, five highly commended prizes of $1,000 each were awarded to commendable artists.

Amongst the fierce competition, the ultimate prize of $15,000 was claimed by Lower Hutt Hutt artist Anna Campbell with her ceramic and mixed media piece ‘Workshop #1’. Consisting of a  road cone, gas bottle and dirty rag – all made of ceramic – on an aged wooden shelf, the work is inspired by still life compositions in her studio.

‘Anna’s work is mindful of her surroundings and uses simple solid form and clean lines to create her own still life …of the life around her – the ordinary in the everyday,’ said Lynne. ‘The messy nature of useful objects on a shelf in a functioning workshop/studio which could now easily sit comfortably in a new environment of either a carefully curated living room or gallery.’

The NZ Art Show commends the winner for their remarkable dedication, skill, and imaginative approach, which have culminated in an awe-inspiring sculpture.

A total of 52 sculptures by 35 accomplished artists have been selected as finalists, representing the finest examples of sculptural artistry in New Zealand. To explore the full list of participating artists, please refer to the attached document or visit our website.

Lynne was highly impressed with the calibre of all 52 artworks submitted, and when she assessed each artwork she considered the story behind each one and how the artists chose to master their choice of medium.

Five Highly Commended Awards of $1,000 go to:

  1. ‘Lucy in the sky…’, bronze by .Jonathan Campbell (Lower Hutt)
  2. ‘Cubed Lorikeet’, lorikeet feathers taxidermy and mixed media by Emily Valentine (Sydney Australia) 
  3. ‘Full disclosure; when fingers point, ears don’t listen and mouths can’t speak’
    Combination of cast, blown, hot sculpted glass, by George Agius (Manawatu)
  4. ‘Haven of Tranquility I’ , harakeke and string by Birgit Moffatt (Otaki)
  5. ‘Honeycomb vase’, natural beeswax honeycomb by Studio Reset, (Te Horo)

The NZ Art Show, hosted annually in Wellington, provides a unique platform for these talented sculptors to exhibit their masterpieces and offer them for sale. Visitors will have the opportunity to witness the exceptional craftsmanship first-hand and potentially acquire a captivating sculpture for their own collection.

Please note that while the awards exhibition will be closed for viewing on Sunday June 4th, the NZ Art Show itself will still be open, allowing attendees to explore a diverse range of artworks and engage with the creative spirit of the event.

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: