More than 200 Artists Will Unveil their Finest Creations at The NZ Art Show

Following the resounding success of its predecessors, the 2024 NZ Art Show promises to be an extraordinary exhibition, showcasing the works of over 200 artists in Wellington’s TSB Arena and Shed 6. More than 2,000 inspiring artworks crafted exclusively for this event will be unveiled, celebrating 21 outstanding years of connecting art lovers to exceptional art.

Hailing from all regions of New Zealand, these artists bring with them a rich tapestry of styles and mediums, from representational to abstract, street art to expressive, and everything in between. The diversity of their creations, including paintings, photography, ceramics, glass, woodwork, metalwork, digital prints, and more, reflects the vibrant and dynamic nature of New Zealand’s artistic landscape

“The calibre of artists participating in this year’s show is truly exceptional. They continuously push the boundaries of their respective mediums, challenging themselves to explore new avenues of creativity. It’s an honour to showcase their remarkable talents at the NZ Art Show.” Carla Russell, Executive Director of the NZ Art Show

Among the featured artists are familiar favourites, alongside a refreshing influx of 25% newcomers to the show. Their diverse backgrounds and artistic journeys add depth and richness to the exhibition.

Tracey-Lea Morgan: A self-taught artist based in Wellington, in 2003 she embarked on a dual path of full-time work and self-taught painting. While the endeavour initially proved challenging, marked by frustration and moments of self-doubt as she strove to bridge the gap between her artistic vision and technical skill. Annual visits to the NZ Art Show would provide some of her inspiration for the development of her artistic journey.

Richard Thurston: Hailing from Wellington, Richard’s abstracted seascapes captured through photography invite viewers into the mysteries of the unknown. His piece, “Flamenco Sketches,” earned him the prestigious People’s Choice Award at last year’s NZ Art Show.

Shannon Turuwhenua (Tuhoe): Based in North Waikato, Shannon’s sculptures crafted from native and exotic timbers reflect his deep connection to the land. As part of the Whanau-based Collective “Past Present Future,” Shannon’s work explores themes of heritage, identity, and sustainability.

Sierra Roberts: From Wanaka, Sierra’s artistry embodies the resilience and strength of women. Her bold and powerful pieces, often adorned with flowers and birds, pay tribute to the essence of womanhood, informed by her global adventures and personal connections.

As New Zealand’s first, largest, and most successful art show, the NZ Art Show continues to be a beacon for artists and art enthusiasts alike. Its commitment to accessibility and affordability, with the majority of works priced below $5,000, ensures that art remains inclusive and accessible to all.

To experience the creativity of New Zealand’s finest artists, visit the 2024 NZ Art Show from May 31 to June 2 at TSB Arena Wellington.

Since its inception in 2004, the NZ Art Show has been committed to promoting and celebrating New Zealand’s vibrant arts scene. With the continued support of sponsors, the show has awarded over $200,000 to talented artists, fostering creativity and innovation across the nation, and making the NZ Art Show one of the most significant contributors to New Zealand’s arts community.

Friends of the NZ Art Show are a vital component of the show’s success, and Friends receive VIP treatment, including invitation to the VIP Preview and Gala Evening.

Artwork below by Tracey-Lea Morgan

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