NZ Art Show Celebrates 10 Years of $3,000 Award

Everyone can be an art critic.

This is what the NZ Art Show enables via the People’s Choice Art Award. Sponsored by premier Lower Hutt car dealership Brendan Foot Supersite the $3,000 award is a fun way to involve a crowd of 10,000 in an art award selection process.

Formerly called the Signature Piece Art Award, it was renamed the People’s Choice Award to better define the purpose of the award. 2018 marks 10 years of the award and to celebrate the award’s birthday, an exclusive exhibition including previous award winners will be held at a special function on April 10 for friends and sponsors of the NZ Art Show

Carla Russell, the Executive Director of the NZ Art Show, is looking forward to seeing all the previous winning artists’ new work together in one room,

‘The previous winning works show how the tastes and appreciation of the average Kiwi have evolved over the past 10 years’, she says. ‘It will be really interesting to see artistic trends in the years to come.’

The award has provided amazing opportunities and exposure for the recipients. Photographer roOm won the award in 2017 and says that since receiving the award, his creative life has been busy and rewarding.

‘After my success at last year’s NZ Art Show, I spent much of the latter part of 2017 completing commission and exhibition work as a result of the show and it’s been an incredible and humbling experience’ he says.

‘Less is Less 05’, photographic lightbox by roOm.

Photographer roOm, winner of 2017 award.

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Ben Timmins is another of the award’s success story: he won the award for three consecutive years from 2011 to 2013 with his serene and contemplative photo-realist paintings.

‘Entrance’, oil on maple by Ben Timmins

Ben Timmins, recipient of the award 2011 to 2013


Matthew Foot, co-owner of Brendan Foot Supersite, says that sponsoring the award fits in perfectly with their commitment to support community initiatives.

‘We’re very proud to provide on-going support to artists via this award, says Foot. ‘The award, and the show itself, prove that art is for everyone and we love having that association.’

Russell goes on to say that engaging the attendees in the selection process gives them a sense of ownership of the show and its processes.

‘One of the primary motivations behind the NZ Art Show is to encourage people to be conscious of and to invest in Kiwi art’, says Russell. ‘By giving them the opportunity to help select the best artwork in the show, they can lay claim to the show. Potentially, they can say that they chose the winner – they have a direct hand in assisting emerging artists.

‘Two years ago we introduced a fun and interactive voting method: we give every attendee a red disc, which looks just like the red dot in our logo, to be placed into jars representing the artworks. It’s so much fun: very exciting and quite nail-biting watching the jars fill up with the red discs.’

The exhibitors at the function on April 10 will include Mandy Emerson (2009 recipient), Ben Timmins (2011 – 2013), Catherine Roberts (2014), Matt Guild (2015), Bruce Mortimer (2016) and roOm (2017), alongside some favourite exhibitors from previous shows.

Guest speakers at the function will include artist Mandy Emerson, and life coach, writer and long-time Friend of the NZ Art Show Samantha Hannah.

  • WHAT: NZ Art Show and Brendan Foot Supersite celebrate 10 Years of the People’s Choice Award
  • WHEN: Tuesday April 10
  • WHERE: Mac’s Function Centre Wellington
  • HOW TO ATTEND: Sign up as Friend of NZ Art Show. Contact

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support.