People’s Choice Art Award recipient: Don Service

Congratulations to Christchurch artist Don Service for winning the People’s Choice Art Award sponsored by Brendan Foot Supersite

His piece ‘Some More than Others’, laser cut from double layer marine plywood, won the coveted $3,000 award, out of ten finalists for the award.

Some More Than Others, Don Service’s winning artwork

For many years, Don has long been fascinated by design, form, detail, colour and textures. Steel, either rusted or raw and plywood are the mediums that allow him huge scope to bring his ideas and designs to reality. Using 1.2mm cold rolled mild steel, the highest quality enamels and resins he manipulates rust and colour to end up with something that sometimes comes out different to the original idea. He doesn’t have complete control over the rust process which gives the work an organic quality that he loves. To watch it change and develop is compelling and a lot more interesting than watching paint dry.

His plywood patterns are the result of an idea that begins as something completely different and morphs into the final designs.

His designs are original, unique and eye-catching, all are hand drawn, either hand cut or laser cut then finished by hand. He sees beauty in rugged, mechanical or natural shapes and textures and he believes in good craftsmanship.

This is the first time that Don has exhibited with the NZ Art Show and he was humbled to hear the news about his win and he will use the winnings to purchase a plasma cutter for his work. We hope to see more of his art in future.

Don’s winning artwork with three of the other award finalists

‘Pins and Needles’, another marine plywood piece by Don.


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