R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture Artist Terms and Conditions

Artists making an application for The RT Nelson Awards for Sculpture agree to be bound by these terms.

Applications close 31 October 2023.



All applicants must:

  • Be a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident
  • Apply as per the instructions on artist information page here
  • Submit two artworks to be considered for an award
  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of $50
  • Provide the following – to be emailed to awards@artshow.co.nz:
    • Six images of each artwork taken from different angles so the selectors can get a good sense of the artwork
    • Physical details about each artwork: media and dimensions – bearing in mind our size and weight limit
    • The narrative behind each artwork: what inspired the artworks?
    • The price of each artwork
    • If the artworks are not going to be completed by November 6 then concept drawings may be submitted. Please also send up to 12 images of previous sculptures
    • An artist biography (no more than A4 or 350 words): include any exhibition, study, award history and any other useful information.


  • all artwork presented must be by a living person
  • Artworks must be made specifically for this award and not be exhibited anywhere else before this award
  • Artwork may be wall-hung, floor standing or displayed on a plinth: artworks may not be suspended from the ceiling
  • Wall-hung artworks must be very light as the display walls are hollow MDF
  • Size limit: no more than 80cm x 80cm x 80cm
  • Weight limit: for health and safety purposes, each sculpture must be able to be carried comfortably by one person with low to average strength.
  • Price limit: artworks may not exceed $10,000
  • Medium: any media is acceptable – traditional materials are encouraged – metal, wood, ceramics, clay, stone and glass.
  • Domestic furniture and domestic textile crafts are not eligible.
  • All artworks must be new, original and not a copy of someone else’s
  • Collaborative works will be considered



  • The applications will be assessed and the finalists will be selected by a selection panel
  • Their decision will be final and no correspondence between the judges and applicants regarding the selection process will be permitted
  • Finalists will be notified by 1December 2023
  • All selected finalists must confirm their selection and must exhibit in the awards finalist exhibition hosted by the 2024 NZ Art Show
  • Artwork must be ready for exhibition by 27 May 2024



  • Delivery and collection of all finalists’ artworks will be directly to and from the venue -TSB Arena, Wellington
  • Artworks must be delivered and collected on the dates specified in the Artist Timeline
  • Artists are responsible for the costs of freight to the show and return of any unsold artworks after the show
  • There are two options available for delivery and collection after the show – COURIER or HAND DELIVERY
  • Delicate works, or sculptures that require assembly must be installed and dismantled by the artist
  • Finalists will receive full instructions for dates and addresses for delivery and post-show collection.
  • Uncollected artworks will be retained by R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture as a donation.


  • The finalists will be judged prior to the exhibition opening to the public.
  • The winners will be notified by 30 May 2024
  • The announcement of the award winner will take place at the NZ Art Show VIP Preview on 30 May 2024
  • The prize pool comprises a Premier award of $15,000 and five Highly Commended awards of $1,000


  • The finalists’ artworks will be exhibited within the NZ Art Show 2024, held over King’s Birthday Weekend, May 31 to June 1 at Wellington’s TSB Arena.
  • May 30: There is a VIP preview in the morning and a Gala event in the evening. Both of these events are private and there are no ticket sales for these
  • Finalists are invited to the VIP Preview, but not to the Gala.
  • May 31 and June 1: the show is open to the public – tickets will be made available for sale on the NZ Art Show website and at the venue while the show is on.
  • The NZ Art Show maintains full curatorial control of the R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture exhibition space and artists may not enter into any discussion about where their artwork is exhibited.
  • The exhibition will be dismantled on Sunday June 2nd, therefore it will not be open to the public, even though the NZ Art Show will still be on.


  • Finalists acknowledge that images submitted by the artist may be used as part of publicity for the award and the NZ Art Show; this includes, but is not limited to, flyers, posters, billboards, social media, website, news articles and promotional activity. As this publicity forms part of the marketing strategy for the award, artists will not receive remuneration for the use of their images.
  • Any images of the Sculpture Awards exhibition and the NZ Art Show 2024 event and exhibiting artworks as commissioned by the NZ Art Show remain the property of the NZ Art Show and the NZ Art Show reserves the right to use those images at their discretion.



  • All artwork must be for sale: artworks may not be sold prior to the exhibition, unless it’s sold through R.T Nelson Awards Foundation.
  • Finalists will price their artworks (inclusive of commission).
  • The price limit is set at $10,000: artists must factor commission into this price
  • A 25% commission applies.
  • If an agent or dealer has entered an artist, then the sale will be subject to the commission set by the agent: the RT. Nelson Awards will not retain commission.
  • All sales are made through the NZ Art Show and artists will be paid, minus commission and GST on commission, by 20 July 2024.
  • Sold artworks will remain on exhibition for the duration of the awards exhibition.
  • The NZ Art Show will be responsible for the delivery of sold artworks to their new owners with the exception of delicate or artworks that require assembly, in which case the artist will be responsible for dismantling and delivering those artworks, including the costs of delivering to purchaser

9. TAX & GST

  • All taxation liabilities will be the responsibility of all individual artists.
  • GST Registered artists will be responsible for all GST liabilities.
  • Artists who are not GST registered:  RT. Nelson Awards for Sculpture management will charge GST on the commission.

For more information or clarification, please contact an accountant or the IRD


  • The R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture and the NZ Art Show does not provide insurance cover therefore artists are strongly advised to make their own insurance arrangements in order to protect their work while in transit, in storage awaiting exhibition, at the exhibition and pending return to artist
  • While The R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture Team and the NZ Art Show will use its best endeavours to protect your artwork while in its care, the artist acknowledges that the NZ Art Show accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to the art in transit or while in its care. Therefore, all efforts to retrieve lost art or repair damages are the full responsibility of the artist


Should the NZ Art Show be postponed or cancelled due to exceptional and unavoidable circumstances, alternative arrangements will be advised at the time.


  • Any artists who breach any of the terms and conditions may have their artwork withheld from the show with no refund on any fees.
  • The R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture management reserve the right to change or amend these Terms & Conditions at any time. Artist will be notified of the changes.

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: