Renowned Musician to Harmonize Music and Art at NZ Art Show

The NZ Art Show is moving up to a whole new level as NZ music heavyweight Barnaby Weir will serve as the NZ Art Show’s Music Curator, collaborating with iconic alternative radio station Radio Active FM, creating a soundtrack that will harmonizes perfectly with the visual feast of thousands of artworks.

Barnaby Weir from the Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties will curate an ambient selection of live music and DJs to add another artistic dimension to the NZ Art Show.

Live music performance and DJ sets will create an exciting fusion of art and music that promises to enhance the experience for the show’s attendees.

The integration of music into the NZ Art Show represents a significant evolution for one of the country’s most celebrated cultural events. With the appointment of Barnaby Weir, whose deep understanding and passion for New Zealand music are widely acknowledged, the show is poised to offer a dynamic collaboration of visual and auditory arts.

“Creativity knows no bounds, and we are excited to take the NZ Art Show to the next level by incorporating live music into our annual event,” remarked Carla Russell, Executive Director of NZ Art Show. “Barnaby Weir’s expertise and discerning taste in music make him the perfect choice to curate a diverse musical experience that complements the eclectic range of artworks on display.”

Barnaby Weir, known for his contributions to New Zealand’s music scene as a talented musician and curator, notably the Black Seeds and Fly My Pretties, brings a wealth of knowledge and a keen ear for emerging talent. “I am honoured to be part of this innovative endeavour with the NZ Art Show,” said Weir. “Music and art have always been interconnected, and I am excited to curate a lineup of musicians, bands, and DJs that will enhance the overall atmosphere and elevate the cultural experience for all attendees.”

Headlining the live music is The Boomshack Band who embody the essence of authentic R’n’B, Rockabilly, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Country, Surf, and early ’60s music. Famous for their energetic sets, they have entertained audiences at legendary Wellington venues Bar Bodega, Mighty Mighty, San Francisco Bath House and some legendary wrap parties like the Hobbit and Avatar. The Boomshack Band will play three sets in the main TSB Arena, at the show’s Gala Evening on Thursday, and on Friday and Saturday afternoons. A full gig guide will be published in May.

The Boomshack Band Will liven up the NZ Art Show Gala Evening as well as on Friday and Saturday afternoons

Attendees will experience the vibrant synergy of Radio Active FM DJs as they spin ambient soundscapes, interspersed with live musical acts  broadcast live-to-air from the adjacent Shed 6. This dynamic collaboration not only amplifies the atmosphere but also provides a platform for emerging and established artists alike. For Barnaby, the decision to incorporate Radio Active FM was instinctive.

“The station’s iconic presence on the airwaves has long been a cornerstone of Wellington’s cultural landscape, making it an indispensable addition to the event”, says Barnaby. “Like the NZ Art Show, Radio Active has long championed New Zealand talent, often giving many of today’s iconic musicians their first radio airplay.”

The show’s expansion into Shed 6 will provide a dynamic backdrop for both visual and auditory artistry.

“We are thrilled to extend our footprint into Shed 6 and explore the endless possibilities this new space offers,” added Russell.

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