1. This handbook is solely for artists selected for Single Artist Wall category (SAW) and holds all the information you will need to help prepare you and your art for the show.
  2. Please read the instructions and the Terms & Conditions carefully so your art complies with our terms and conditions.
  3. If you have any queries regarding the information in this document please contact our Artist Liaison, Claire Cairns, at: / 04 387 4370 / 021 022 66 566
  4. To download a printable pdf of this handbook, click on this link – PDF of the SAW Artist Handbook herea pdf will be downloaded to your computer.

To prepare for the show, you are required to do the following

  1. Fill in the submission form – this confirms your details we need for admin purposes
  2. Label your artwork correctly – as per our instructions provided
  3. Prepare your art for delivery to the venue TSB Arena
  4. And, importantly, do everything on time. Please refer to the artist timeline for dates


  1. You are required to fill in the submission form: you access the form on the NZ Art Show website via the Artist Resources link sent to you.
  2. Artists to fill out information required by the NZ Art Show.
  3. Once the submission form is complete, the artist receives confirmation of this form via email. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, please let us know
  4. If any details on the submission form need to be amended, you MUST notify NZ Art Show –
  5. Submissions must be completed by May 11


  1. All artworks must be labelled as per our requirements
  2. Each artwork requires 2 x labels: 1 for Artwork and 1 for Wall
  3. Each label must have the following details: Name of artwork, medium, artist name, sale price and edition number (if it is a print or photograph)
  4. Artwork label: Attach artwork label to the back of each artwork. Please feel free to print out the template in Artist Resources section on our website. Print out one for each artwork
  5. Wall label:
    1. At the venue you will be given additional labels; official NZ Art Show wall labels which you attach to the wall next to each artwork. Again, you may create your own custom labels.
    2. You must enter the details for each artwork on this wall label; the details must match your artwork label exactly
    3. Please write clearly so that labels can be read easily
    4. NZ Art Show will provide Velcro so that you can attach wall labels to wall
    5. If you make your own custom wall labels: they must be on thin card and within our size range – 55 x 90mm. Do not use paper or foam core.
  6. You may request a small number of wall labels to be posted to you prior to the show, however, please remember that they are wall labels, NOT to be attached to artworks


It is important that you work within the dates and times we provide.


  1. Monday May 30 – 10am – 4pm
  2. You may use the address label template in the Artist Resources section on our website
  3. Attach address labels to each package
  4. Couriered artwork can ONLY be delivered on this date as this is the only time available. If it arrives before this date, we cannot guarantee its security


  1. Wed June 1st, 10am – 5pm
  2. This is also the only time you have to set up your space: we recommend you arrive for a 10am start.
  3. Parking is limited: unload your art in front foyer and then you will need to find a legal park somewhere
  4. There is a parking building directly underneath the venue. There is a fee to park there and it can by quite pricey
  5. Come to front foyer of venue to sign in: you will be issued with your artist access pass, assistant pass (if applicable) art labels for wall and Velcro dots for wall labels. You will be directed to your wall and your storage space.
  6. Our staff will be on hand to assist with any queries
  7. Wall hung artworks: we are not permitted to drill into the display walls so we use velcro blocks for hanging artworks: You can either bring your own or you can borrow some from us.
  8. If you are using a plinth, it must be pushed up against your wall for the gala evening: plan your hang around your plinth. You can move your plinth away from your wall on Friday morning
  9. Once your wall is set up, you take all remaining art to your storage space
  10. All artworks to be hung and artists to vacate the premises by 5pm. You must leave your exhibition space clean and free of any debris at the end of the day


  1. Take with you directly after the show
  2. You may start packing out your space from 6.30pm, not before
  3. Please sign out with NZ Art Show before leaving


  1. Please note that all artworks need to be out of the venue Tuesday morning, therefore they need to be packed and labelled on Sunday night.
  2. You are responsible for arranging for courier to collect artworks.
  3. Pack your artworks securely and label them clearly
  4. Place them in the designated collection point at the venue
  5. Any artworks not collected by Tuesday morning:  NZ Art Show does not accept responsibility for anything that happens to them, as we will not be at the venue


  1. As a SAW artist you have access to all the shows including the gala evening, as long as you have your access pass
  2. Show your artist access pass at the front entrance: do not arrive at the venue without it – you will not be let in
  3. You may also bring along an assistant to help you with your art for the duration of the event. The fee payable by you is $100. Your assistant also gets a pass and also has access to the gala evening, all shows and storage areas. If you haven’t booked an assistant pass yet, but would like one, please contact – Please note that assistant passes are limited, so get in quick if you don’t want to miss out
  4. You will be managing your wall: as your art sells you replace it with work from your storage area. NZ Art Show staff are available to take your art to the sales area, but not available to hang your art
  5. You have full control of the layout of your space; however, the NZ Art Show reserves the right to offer suggestions and may advise changes to your set-up

VIP PREVIEW – Thursday June 2, 9am – 11.30am

  1. You are required to be at your wall to meet our VIP guests.  This is a prime opportunity to sell your art to our dedicated art lovers.
  2. You and your assistant have access from 8.30am: present your passes at front entrance to gain access
  3. Please keep your space tidy and free of clutter
  4. You may remain half an hour after the show closes to refresh your space: you must remove all your litter, tools, equipment and personal items

GALA EVENING – Thursday June 2, 6pm – 9.00pm

  1. You and your assistant have access from 6.00 pm: present your passes at front entrance to gain access
  2. You are an invited guest, but we encourage you to attend to your wall.  This event is attended by Friends and Sponsors of the Show and it’s a great opportunity for you to promote yourself and your art..
  3. You are required to behave in a professional and appropriate manner. Anyone behaving unsatisfactorily risks eviction from the premises
  4. You may remain half an hour after show closes to refresh your space
  5. Additional tickets to the Gala Evening are not available for sale as they are reserved for Friends and Sponsors of the show.

SHOW DAYS – Friday June 3 to Sunday June 5 – Daily 10am – 6.30pm

  1. You and your assistant have access from 9.30am: present your passes at front entrance to gain access
  2. Please keep your space tidy and free of clutter
  3. You may remain half an hour after the show closes each day to refresh your space: you must remove all your litter, tools, equipment and personal items
  4. Purchase additional show day tickets for friends and family –
  5. Keep an eye out for our ticket specials on Facebook and in our newsletters
  6. Door sales will also be available for $12 each
  7. Children 12 years and under are free

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: