SCULPTING BRILLIANCE: 30 Finalists Announced for $25,000 RT Nelson Awards for Sculpture

Prepare to be captivated by the unveiling of 30 remarkable artworks by New Zealand sculptors at the prestigious R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture! From contemporary interpretations of traditional Māori motifs to gravity-defying ceramics and groundbreaking glass innovations, this year’s exhibition promises to astound.

With a generous prize pool of $25,000 up for grabs, including an impressive $15,000 Premier Award, the competition is fierce. The finalists, utilizing stone, wood, glass, bronze, ceramic, yarn, bone, metal, beeswax, and mixed media, showcase extraordinary talent and ingenuity.

Mark your calendars for the 21st NZ Art Show in Wellington from May 31 to June 2, where the finalist artworks will be revealed. Executive Director Carla Russell expresses her delight at the exceptional diversity of talent among the finalists, anticipating a tough decision for the judges.

Renowned artists like Lissy and Rudi Robinson-Cole, Kereama Taepa, Zena Elliott, and Mel Ford lead the pack with their innovative approaches and rich artistic backgrounds. Expect to be mesmerized by the boundary-pushing creations in ceramics and glass, including the works of George Agius, Di Tocker, and a cadre of talented newcomers.

The R.T Nelson Awards for Sculpture continue to champion small-scale sculpture, providing a platform for artists to showcase their extraordinary talents and push the boundaries of artistic expression. Get ready for an unforgettable celebration of creativity and innovation!

A full list of the finalists can be seen on the RT. Nelson Awards for Sculpture website.

To view the finalists’ artworks, come to the NZ Art Show 2024:

  • TSB Arena, Wellington waterfront
  • Purchase tickets online: Early-bird tickets are only $5 for a limited time –

Images by some of the finalists

Please note that these are samples of their art, not the actual artworks in the awards’ competition.
Artworks by Mel Ford (Horowhenua), Lissy and Rudi Robinson-Cole (Auckland) and Zena Elliott (Hamilton).

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