Selected Artists 2024

CONGRATULATIONS to the following artists who will be exhibiting in the 2024 NZ Art Show.

We’re excited at the prospect of seeing the artworks that they’ll be creating especially for the show – artworks not seen anywhere else before our show.

Abbey MersonHawkes Bay Acrylic paintings 
Agate RubeneOtago Acrylic paintings 
Alan BlundellWellington Photographic prints 
Amrit KaurAuckland Mixed media paintings 
Ana TeofiloOtago Mixed media paintings on wood
Andrena MorrisWellington Oil and mixed media paintings 
Andrew CoxAuckland 2D – Mixed media 
Angela  MaritzBay of Plenty Acrylic paintings 
Anita MadhavAuckland Mixed media paintings 
Ann SkellyAuckland Acrylic paintings 
Anna JacobiAuckland Oar art 
Anna StichburyWellington Paintings and prints 
Ashlee O’HaganRodneyOil paintings
Barbara FrankletTasman Oil pastels and mixed media 
Bella FosterWellington Photographic prints and paintings
Ben ReidCanterbury Original print making 
Bert van DijkWellington Acrylic paintings 
Beth McGillManawatu- Whanganui Painted feathers 
Bonnie CoadTasman 2D – Mixed media 
Brian BaxterMarlboroughWatercolour paintings
Bronwyn KellyWellington Photographic prints 
Catherine CattanachWellington Photographic prints 
Charlotte HirdWellingtonWatercolour paintings
Charlotte SuggateWellington Acrylic paintings 
Ché RogersTaranaki Acrylic paintings on ACM 
Christian NicolsonAuckland Paintings 
Clare MatthewsWellington Mixed media paintings 
Clark RoworthWellingtonOil paintings
Clinton ChristianWaikato Mixed media paintings 
Colin Bell – KiramekisanBay of Plenty Acrylic paintings 
Constanza BricenoBay of Plenty Acrylic paintings 
Craig  FletcherAuckland Mixed media paintings 
Damin Radford Scott – MilarkyTaranaki Mixed media paintings 
David WallerWellington Photographic prints 
Dean ProudfootWellington Paintings 
Don  ServiceCanterburyWood and metal 3D pieces
Donna O’DonoghueTaranaki Mixed media paintings 
Em WaferWellington Acrylic paintings 
Esther BunningWairarapa Photographic prints 
Fay LooneyTaranaki Photographic prints 
Fiona TunnicliffeWaikatoCeramic sculptures
Galina KimCanterbury Mixed media paintings 
Genevieve WillAuckland 2D – Mixed Media 
Gerry ParkeAucklandMixed media paintings
Glen JornaWellington Mixed media paintings 
Grant FinchAuckland Acrylic and water colour paintings 
Haney Zhai – Jackelope TreasuresCanterburyWool art
Hannah SchickedanzWellington Oil paintings 
Harry MooresTaranaki Drawing 
Heather WilsonHawkes Bay Paintings 
Hikurangi EdwardsWellington Paint Carving 
Ilan WittenburgAuckland Photographic prints 
Jacqueline HocquardMarlboroughWatercolour paintings
James BrewerKapiti Coast Acrylic paintings 
Jane BlackmoreWellingtonOil paintings
Jane DonaldWairarapa 2D Feather assemblages 
Janine WhitelawNorthland Acrylic and mixed media paintings 
Jason FastierWellington Paintings 
Jennifer GreengrassAuckland Mixed media illustrations 
Jennifer HalliTaranaki Original print making 
Jessie ChristiesonCanterbury Resin paintings 
Jil CowanCanterburyCollage – mixed media
Jill WhiteTaranaki Mixed media paintings 
Joel HartCanterbury Mixed media paintings 
John GoodeyAuckland Acrylic paintings 
Jolene PascoeTe Tai Tokerau Mixed media paintings 
Josef KieningerHorowhenua Original print making 
Julie KapilaWellington Ink pen and acrylic illustrations 
Juliet BestWellington Paintings 
Kate McLeodCanterbury Mixed media paintings 
Kelly RoweAuckland Oil and Pastel paintings 
Kirsty BlackAuckland Acrylic paintings 
Kirsty WhiteWellington Original print making 
Lee SamuelWaikato Acrylic and ink paintings 
Leigh TawharuNorthland Mixed media
Leonie SharpWhanganui 2D – Feather assemblages 
Libby McCollCoromandel Acrylic paintings 
Lisa GrennellTasmanSilkscreen printing and painting on perspex
Liz RitchieWellington Photographic prints 
Liz TurnbullBay of Plenty Acrylic paintings 
Lizzie PannellWellington Paintings 
Lottie KeoghWellington Acrylic paintings 
Malcolm BowlingBay of PlentyOil paintings
Mandy EmersonWairarapa Mixed media paintings 
Mandy RodgerAuckland Acrylic paintings 
Marc McKinlayCanterbury Acrylic paintings 
Matt DavidsonHawkes Bay Acrylic paintings 
Max SceatsWellington Mixed media paintings 
Megan PrendergastCanterbury Acrylic paintings 
Mel WaiteWellington Photography 
Michelle RetimanaKapiti  Bronze and ceramic sculptures 
Min KimCanterbury Paintings 
Mitchel ManuelWellingtonDigital prints
Naeri Love LeeWellington Photographic prints 
Natalie HollandWellington 100% wool on monks cloth 
Nick FedaeffAucklandOil paintings
Nick MarshallWellingtonPainted surfboards
Nicola JacksonWellington Original print making 
Nicola WeltenBay of Plenty Acrylic paintings 
Odelle MorshuisOtago Mixed media paintings 
Olivia BoulierisWellington Photographic prints 
Owie SimpsonKapiti Coast Mixed media paintings 
Pam WildboreHawkes Bay Resin paintings 
Patrick BarryWellington Sculpture 
Paula McNeillWaikato Mixed media paintings 
Pauline GoughAuckland Acrylic paintings 
Phil JonesTaranaki Mixed media paintings 
Rachel RushAuckland Mixed media paintings 
Rae WestHawkes Bay Mixed media paintings 
Rebecca HawthornAuckland Mixed media paintings 
Rebecca KingAuckland Photographic prints 
Richard LandersTaranaki Glass sculptures 
Richard WellsAuckland Bronze sculptures 
Richard ThurstonWellington Mixed media paintings and photographic prints 
Rika NagahataWellington Ink illustrations 
Robbi CarvalhoAuckland Paintings and drawings 
Roberta Queiroga Auckland Acrylic paintings 
Robyn Eastgate ManningWellington Acrylic paintings 
Robyn SmithCanterburyMixed media paintings
Ronda ThompsonKapiti CoastOil paintings
RUSH Auckland Mixed media paintings 
Sam MathersWaikato Mixed media paintings 
Samuel O’MalleyWellingtonOil paintings
Sarah AlbisserWellington Acrylic and mixed media paintings 
Sarah GodfreyWest Coast Acrylic and mixed media paintings 
Sarah MaugerAuckland Acrylic paintings 
Shannon TuruwhenuaWaikato Wood  
Shirley CresswellWaikato Acrylic paintings 
Sierra RobertsOtago Acrylic paintings 
Studio ResetKapiti Coast Encaustic paintings 
Sue LundHorowhenua 2D & 3D – Mixed media 
Susan DunsterWaikato Acrylic paint and cold wax paintings 
Susan Hurrell-FieldesWellington Original print making and mixed media
Susan SkeltonWellington Paintings 
Susan EdgeNorthland Acrylic paintings 
Svetlana OrinkoCanterburyOil paintings
Tanya BlongAuckland Acrylic paintings 
Teresa MacKayWellington Acrylic paintings 
Tetyana KhytkoAustraliaOil paintings
Tony HarringtonHawkes Bay Acrylic paintings 
Tracey FinchBay of Plenty Acrylic paintings 
Tracey-Lea MorganWellington Mixed media paintings 
Tracy StamatakosBay of Plenty Photographic prints 
Tracy WatsonTasman Acrylic and ink paintings 
Veronica YoungWellington Acrylic paintings 
Wendy HannahAuckland Liquid glass and resin paintings 
Yana MeechBay of Plenty Acrylic and ink paintings 
Yannick Fourbet – The French PotterWellingtonClay pots

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: