Signature Promotions Art Award Recipient: Dean Proudfoot

Congratulations to Wellington artist Dean Proudfoot,  one of two artists awarded a Signature Promotions Art Award at this year’s NZ Art Show.

This award is sponsored by Signature Promotions and is open to all participating Single Artist Wall artists on-site over the course of the show. Dean’s prize was $1,000




Dean Proudfoot has been exhibiting with the NZ Art Show since 2008.

Dean Proudfoot is a prolific artist and his work has always been varied. But whatever the imagery the paintings always come from a place of fun and accessibility, celebrations of Kiwi culture and identity, and nostalgia.

His approach to art is firmly from the low-brow camp, he believes art doesn’t have to be obscure or elitist but should challenge and evoke a response, especially a smile.

His work constantly references New Zealand’s culture, from individuals who have left their mark on our national identity to the little things that many hold dear to their hearts.

In recent years, he has embarked on bold floral paintings: these have proven to be extremely popular.

Dean’s paintings appear in a number of prestigious private collections including the James Wallace Trust, the collection of Dunbar Sloane Snr and the Museum Art Hotel.

Dean is also an award-winning freelance illustrator of twenty years’ experience and he has worked with a diverse range of clients both in New Zealand and internationally.



Left: ‘A Large Compensation’. Right: ‘Temuka Bloom’


‘Pretty in Pink’

‘For Every Occasion’




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