Spring is already here … a fresh new outlook for the NZ Art Show

A lot has been happening at the NZ Art Show HQ as we plan for the 2019 NZ Art Show



We are absolutely delighted to announce that Wellington accountant Anne Stephenson has been appointed the new Chair of the NZ Art Show. Out-going Chair Graeme Reeves announced he is stepping down from the role he has held for seven years. We will miss Graeme, he’s been a wonderful leader and support to the NZ Art Show team, but we know we’re in excellent hands with Anne.

Also, welcome to the Board Jane Hart and David Foot who will be joining Frances Russell and Neil Paviour-Smith. What an awesome dynamic Board we have to work with!!!



Lock the following dates into your calendar now

The 2019 NZ Art Show: Queen’s Birthday Weekend
Gala evening: Thursday May 30th
Show days: Friday May 31st to Monday June 3rd

Tickets on sale soon
Artist applications open soon for the 2019 NZ Art Show


Introducing MSH Consulting

MSH Consulting has been sponsoring the NZ Art Show since 2013: the show gives them the opportunity to support Kiwi art and to hosts their guests in a relaxed and enjoyable social environment.
To find out more about MSH Consulting and why they support the show, we spoke with Founder and Managing Director, Brian Yee, who started MSH 20 years ago

Why do you choose to work with the NZ Art Show?

As a Wellington-based company, we were looking for a sponsorship opportunity that felt authentic to us. The NZ Art Show perfectly combines a great cause supporting and highlighting local art and a great show for the public to attend.

Wellington is such a vibrant city full of interesting organisations led by ambitious and engaging leaders, our clients are mainly based in Wellington, and we, the partners, are passionate Wellingtonians, born and bred: that’s another reason why the NZ Art Show holds such great appeal for us


Artwork 'Outside the Square' by Heather Wilson

Artwork ‘Outside the Square’ by Heather Wilson

What makes the NZ Art Show a good fit for MSH?

We host a broad range of our clients every year at the gala evening: it gives them a chance to unwind, enjoy an evening of art, wine and food, and engage with us and our other clients in a more social environment than we normally see them.

The art is great: we proudly display our purchases from the Art Show on our office walls. For example, “Thinking Outside the Square” by Heather Wilson (pictured), catches the attention of most of our visitors and often generates comments.

Tell us about MSH

We have a saying: “making strategy simple is hard!”

20 years ago we discovered that leaders often leap too quickly from conceptualising to implementing ideas without first forming a logical strategy. So we developed a strategy system that addresses this issue. We build successful solutions for our clients by helping them design, implement and sustain business strategies that give them clarity about where to focus their efforts in order to maximise results.

Artwork by Rachael Foster

Artwork by Rachael Foster

We’ve constructed a strategy framework that takes the best of global practices and some of our own perspectives and combines them in a way that works for NZ businesses.
We are a small firm — two partners and six consultants — but in order to deliver great results, one partner will work with one other consultant with every client: our customers value this personal approach.

Artwork by Jane Blackmore

Artwork by Jane Blackmore

Artwork by John Goodey

Artwork by John Goodey

We have been dealing with Carla for over five years. With her vision and dedication, Carla has done an amazing job establishing the NZ Art Show as an annual flagship Wellington event. It’s been a privilege being part of the NZ Art Show family.‘ Brian Yee, MSH Consulting.

Its such a pleasure to work alongside people and organisations like MSH – they have great vision and are such an asset to the NZ Art Show.

Have you thought about aligning your business with the NZ Art Show?
Contact Bryony Lane bryony@artshow.co.nz for information about our sponsorship packages


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