All participating artists are bound by these terms and conditions. They may be amended at any time without notice and artists intending to participate in the 2023 NZ Art Show will still be subject to the amended terms. The NZ Art Show reserves the right to withdraw any artist that contravenes these requirements and there will be no refunds

Download a printable PDF here.

  • Artists will be invoiced for their exhibition fee. The fee must be paid by the due date indicated by NZ Art Show.  Non-payment of fee may result in withdrawal of your submission and your panel may be offered up to another artist.
  • Refund policy:  exhibition fees are non-refundable except in exceptional circumstance such as the cancellation of the event
  • Commission: 25% commission will be charged on all sold artworks and will be deducted from the final payment to artist


  • The NZ Art Show operates as a cash-and-carry art exhibition: art is removed from the venue as it is sold (except for award competitors and heavy sculptures that cannot be moved easily).
  • All submitted artworks must be for sale.
  • All sales must be conducted via our sales system: private sales are not permitted.  
  • Movement of art off the walls is dictated by sales therefore the NZ Art Show management cannot guarantee that all work will be displayed.


  • Artists may not attend to their art during the show.
  • All participating artists must be a living New Zealand citizen or resident. Citizens who live abroad must provide a New Zealand contact person, address, and bank account for artist payment on art sold.
  • The NZ Art Show maintains full curatorial control of Solo Panel artworks.
  • Artists will price their artworks inclusive of GST and commission.
  • All taxation liabilities will be the responsibility of the individual artist.
  • GST Registered artists will be responsible for all GST liabilities.
  • Artists that are not GST registered will be charged GST on the commission.
  • NZ Art Show reserves the right to make recommendations to individual artists regarding pricing.
  • The artist will meet all costs involved with transporting art to and from the NZ Art Show. (Excludes artworks sold at the show).
  • The artist acknowledges that the NZ Art Show accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to the art in transit or while in its care. All efforts to retrieve lost art or repair damages are the responsibility of the artist.
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.
  • If the artist sells out of their work, the NZ Art Show will recover possession of the artist’s space for their own use.
  • Artists are representing the NZ Art Show and must behave in a professional and appropriate manner at all times.
  • Post -show issues: once the artist has been paid in full for any artwork sold any issues arising from the sale of artworks are the full responsibility of the artist.


  • There is a limit of six artworks in total allowed for each Solo Panel artist.
  • Artworks must resemble images submitted as part of application in terms of style and price range.
  • With the exception of award competitors and heavy sculpture, all sold artworks must be removed from display: artists may not request that any sold artworks remain on exhibition for the remainder of the show.
  • Any artwork not displayed in the initial hang will be held in storage; sold pieces will be replaced by this stock in storage.
  • Heavy sculpture: the artist is responsible for delivery, installation, and removal. If sold, the artist is responsible for delivery to purchaser.
  • All 3-D artwork must be ready to exhibit. Any works that are unstable, unsteady or deemed to be a safety hazard will not be exhibited.
  • Original prints, original photography, photographic prints, fine art digital prints and reproduction prints:: you may submit one work from a limited edition of 30 or less. The method of printing and edition number must be clearly labelled on your art label and artwork. The edition will be the final and may not be added onto later. Full information on our website https://www.artshow.co.nz/prints-and-photos-in-the-nz-art-show-guide-for-artists/
  • Photography: please frame in sturdy frames: mounting on foam core will not be accepted
  • Artwork must be original, the artist’s own and not a copy of someone else’s.
  • Artworks exhibited in previous NZ Art Shows are not eligible.
  • All artwork must be priced no more than $5,000; artists are urged to bear in mind the average price of $700 when pricing their works
  • All artwork must be labelled correctly – see the ‘LABELLING YOUR ARTWORKS’ section of your handbook for instructions
  • All 2-D artworks must be ready to hang. Hanging cords must be strong and securely fastened. Any pieces that are too heavy, unstable or deemed to be a safety hazard will not be exhibited.
  • All artwork must be easy to remove from the wall; if a piece requires direct attachment to the wall, it will not be exhibited.
  • Indecent, obscene or pornographic material is not permitted.
  • Each individual wall-hung piece must be no heavier than 10kg.
  • Not eligible for Solo Panel Exhibition: Loose paper works, jewellery, domestic furniture, domestic textiles, domestic craft and home wares.
  • Works on paper must be mounted and framed on a stable support; simple cardboard backing will not be accepted as a stable support.
  • Where practicable, all works must be signed.
  • The artist will meet all costs of transporting art to and unsold artworks from the NZ Art Show.
  • Artists are not responsible for freight costs of artworks sold at the show EXCEPT for heavy sculpture, where the artist is required to transport sold as well as unsold artworks.
  • While the NZ Art Show undertakes to protect artwork in its care, the artist acknowledges that the NZ Art Show accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage caused to the art in transit or while in its care. All efforts to retrieve lost art or repair damages are the full responsibility of the artist.
  • Insurance is the responsibility of the artist.
  • Return of works by courier will commence on Tuesday 6, June. Owing to the volume of work delivered by courier we cannot guarantee when your work will be returned, but we always endeavour to have all works delivered at the earliest date possible.


  • Artists are urged to be mindful when using imagery from a culture other than their own, as it may be deemed culturally inappropriate and cause offense.
  • We advise all artists to use due diligence by seeking guidance and advice. If any artworks are brought to our attention we will liaise directly with the artist.
  • The NZ Art Show is not responsible for any offense caused.


  • Artists selected for the NZ Art Show acknowledge that images submitted to the NZ Art Show by the artist may be used as publicity for the show in various media and online platforms. As this publicity forms part of the marketing strategy for the NZ Art Show, artists will not receive remuneration for the use of their images.
  • Any artists who refuse to allow their images to be used may be withdrawn from the show.
  • Any images of the NZ Art Show event and exhibiting artworks as commissioned by the NZ Art Show remain the property of the NZ Art Show and the NZ Art Show reserves the right to use those images at their discretion.


  • Artists will be paid for their art sales, minus commission, by July 20, 2023

The NZ Art Show wishes to thank the following for their support: