The 20th NZ Art Show Concludes on a High Note, Showcasing a Vibrant Celebration of Creativity

The NZ Art Show, New Zealand’s premier annual art exhibition, concluded its latest edition on Sunday 4th June, leaving a lasting impact on both artists and art enthusiasts alike. The show, which attracted an astounding 10,000 visitors, showcased a captivating display of artistic talent and achieved remarkable sales, with over $1.6 million worth of artworks finding new homes. The event featured more than 1,600 artworks sold, solidifying its reputation as a significant platform for the appreciation and acquisition of contemporary New Zealand art.

The diverse range of artworks on display at the NZ Art Show mesmerized visitors, with paintings, sculptures, photography, digital art, and mixed media sparking conversations and engaging the senses. The exhibition served as a dynamic representation of the rich tapestry of artistic expression in New Zealand, featuring both emerging talents and established artists who shared their unique perspectives and narratives through their creations.

Jump Around, mixed media work by Tony Harrington, can be seen above the crowd at the Gala Evening.
Flamenco Steps, photographic print by Richard Thurston, won the People’s Choice Award sponsored by Brendan Foot Supersite

The NZ Art Show is proud to announce the recipients of two prestigious awards. Richard Thurston emerged as the winner of the People’s Choice Art Award, generously sponsored by Brendan Foot Supersite. This coveted award, voted on by the public, signifies the deep connection and appreciation of visitors for Thurston’s exceptional artwork. As the winner, Thurston will be awarded a cash prize of $3,000, recognizing his artistic achievements and the impact his work has had on the show’s attendees.

Additionally, Anna Campbell was honoured with the Premier Sculpture Award, generously sponsored by RT Nelson. Campbell’s outstanding sculpture captivated the judges, who recognized her exceptional creativity and mastery of the medium. As the recipient of this prestigious award, Campbell will receive a generous cash prize of $15,000, further affirming her status as a leading figure in the world of sculpture.

Reflecting on the remarkable success of the NZ Art Show, Executive Director, Carla Russell expressed her gratitude and excitement, stating, “We are thrilled with the overwhelming response to this year’s NZ Art Show. The impressive attendance, remarkable sales figures, and the incredible talent on display underscore the thriving art community in New Zealand. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Richard Thurston and Anna Campbell for their well-deserved awards. We also want to thank our sponsors, Friends of the NZ Art Show, staff, and the artists, for supporting the NZ Art Show and playing a crucial role in the show’s resounding success.”

Tim Christie’s wall
Shirley Cresswell’s wall

The NZ Art Show has continually served as a bridge between artists and art enthusiasts, creating a platform for the growth of the New Zealand art market and fostering a vibrant creative community.

Preparations for the next edition of the NZ Art Show are already underway, promising an even more extraordinary celebration of art and culture. Mark King’s Birthday weekend 2024 in your calendar for another opportunity to experience the diverse and awe-inspiring talent that New Zealand has to offer.

Clinton Christian’s wall
Artwork by Cody Ellingham

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