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Art lovers- our very own VIPs – join us as a Friend of the 2019 NZ Art Show and let us treat you to a wonderful art experience!


Become a Friend of the 2019 NZ Art Show and receive a complimentary $20 art voucher to be used at the 2019 show.*Available for a limited time only.

The NZ Art Show is committed to advancing the understanding and appreciation of New Zealand visual arts. By becoming a Friend of the 2019 NZ Art Show, you are supporting the show’s vision.

In addition, your support will go even further as we explore opportunities to support the visual arts community and provide outstanding service to the wider arts community.

Your support via the NZ Art Show assists a thriving arts community. The show has become the first port of call for hundreds of NZ’s emerging artists and the NZ Art Show is now an important part of their artistic journey.

*$50 supporters are not eligible for this promotion.


You can also purchase art vouchers on this page.

Art vouchers can be used to purchase art at the 2019 show – a perfect gift for loved ones – family or friends.

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The benefits of being a Friend include the following:

  • Exclusive invitation to the Friends and partners Evening – April 10, 2019
  • Enjoying the 2019 NZ Art Show – Queen’s Birthday Weekend 2019, May 31 – June 3
  • Private preview of the show –  May 30, 2019 ($50 supporters not included)
  • Guaranteed tickets to the Gala Evening –  May 30, 2019 ($50 supporters not included)
  • Show day tickets: each ticket can be used on any one of the show days.
  • Recognition at the show and on our official website.


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BK Cunningham Trust



Richard T. Nelson – RT Nelson Emerging Artist Awards

Brendan Foot Supersite – People’s Choice Art Award

Signature Promotions – Signature Promotions Art Awards



Gold Patron recognition: Friends that have supported the NZ Art Show for 10 years or more

Karen Pullar

Neil & Phillipa Paviour-Smith

CGMF Architects – Angela Foster – Corporate Friend

Gay & Mike O’Sullivan

Damian & Samantha Hannah

Diana Duff -Staniland

Dixon & Dunlop – Platinum Friend

David & Rachel Underwood

Rosie Collins

Andy & Pauline Mallard

Charlton Family Trust

Carla Russell & Adam Pendleton

Mark Dunajtschik & Dorothy Spotswood

Frances Russell


Gold Patron recognition: Friends that have supported the NZ Art Show for 5 years or more

Mike & Michelle Egan

Deborah Hume

Joan Wells

Peter Johnstone & Ann Rees – Gold Friend

Lisa & Dan Tohill

Ann Cunninghame & John Mathews

Nigel & Bridget Elder – Gold Friend


Nadine Liken

Claire McCullum

Mark Robinson

Christian & Kim Gaylard

Scott Rodgers

Vicki Upshon

Roger Gaskell

Anthony & Charlotte Dapas

Barrie & Anneke Thomas – Platinum Friend

Debby Butler

Michael Garden


Gold Patron recognition: Friends that have supported the NZ Art Show for 10 years or more

FM Architects – Angela Foster – Platinum Friend

Damian and Samantha Hannah

Frances Russell

Diana Duff- Staniland

Rosie Collins

John and Deb Feast

Andy and Pauline Mallard

Warren and Beverly Charlton

Nicky Riddiford and John Prebble

Lady Teena Todd

Mark Dunajtschik and Dorothy Spotswood

Anne Stephenson

Gay and Mike O’Sullivan – Gold Friend

Graeme and Michelle Reeves

Dixon and Dunlop Ltd – Platinum Friend

David and Rachel Underwood – Gold Friend

Graeme and Marion Duff

Jane and Kerry Hart

Hughes Robertson Law Partnership – Corporate Friend

Mandy Crozier and Mike Timmer


Patron recognition: Friends that have supported the NZ Art Show for more than 5 years

Lisa and Dan Tohill

Neil and Phillipa Paviour-Smith

Ann Cunninghame and John Mathews

Janne and John Shewan

Julie Anne and Marty Scott

Joan Wells

Glenda West

Craig and Kim Whale

Lisa Hansen

Arun Patel and Sandra Preston

Nigel and Bridgit Elder – Gold Friend

Patrick Sharp and Sharnita Singh

John Dow

Lisa Elder

Catherine and Alistair Cattanach

Karen Pullar

Raewyn Crowley

Nikki Chung – Gold Friend

Peter Johnstone & Ann Rees

John Mowbray


Anthony and Charlotte Dapas

Michael Garden

Melanie Pearson

Robynne Williams

Deborah Hume

Libby and Ken Carson

Roger Gaskell

Kathryn Smith

Massey University – College of Creative Arts – Corporate Friend

Davanti Consulting – Corporate Friend

Sue Bridger – Gold Friend

Centennial Coffee House – Gold Friend

Vicki Upshon

Steve and Josh Jordan Law

Mike and Michelle Egan

Della Randal

Kate Ricketts

Deirdre Crowley

Phoebe and James Deans

Scott Rodgers

Anya Zohrab

Cornelius Porzig

Sarah and Jase Wells

Craig Pope

Samuel Williamson

Lynn Newman-Hall

Tim Stephens and Sarah Bartlett

Nick and Margo Ray

Shirley Quayle

Debby Butler

Barrie and Anneke Thomas – Platinum Friend

Jessica Beyeler

Kirsty Fyfe

Joanna Simpson

Lyn McMorran

Christian and Kim Gaylard

Mike and Mazz Scannell

Peter and Flynn Fletcher-Dobson

Lesley Bogacki


Peter Frerichs

Nicola Willis

Ruth Blair

Debra Knox




Jo Hughes – Selection Panel
Mal Brow – Selection panel
Jane Hart – Selection Panel
Trevor McComish – Volunteer Administration
Joyce Gibson – Volunteer Supervisor